Useful Links on Health Promotion & Social Marketing

ActNow BC

British Columbia’s Healthy Living Initiative.

Active Communities Initiative

The Active Communities Initiative is a cross-sectoral initiative delivered by the BC Recreation and Parks Association, focused on supporting communities to increase physical activity levels of British Columbians by 20% by the year 2010.  Funding for the initiative was not renewed for 2009-2010 but BCRPA will continue to offer components such as HIGH FIVE® and Everybody Gets to Play™. We will also continue to offer resources and opportunities to our BCRPA members and registered Active Communities.

BC Healthy Living Alliance

A group of organizations that have come together through leadership that enhances collaborative action to promote physical activity, healthy eating and living smoke-free.

BC Recreation and Parks Association - YouTube Channel

YouTube is a free website that allows you to share your videos with friends, family, and the world.

Canadian Council on Learning

Providing Canadians with the most current information about effective approaches to learning for learners, educators, employers and policy makers.

Centre for Health Promotion - University of Toronto

The Centre is a nexus for health promotion work.  It provides news, training programs and health and literacy updates.

Heart & Stroke Foundation BC & Yukon

A volunteer-based organization, leads in eliminating heart disease and stroke through the advancement of research and its application, the promotion of healthy living and advocacy.


Providing leadership in collaboration and communications to foster the “movement” that inspires and supports Canadians to move.

Saskatchewan in Motion

A province-wide movement aimed at increasing physical activity for health, social, environmental and economic benefits.

Stay Active, Eat Healthy

A province-wide initiative to encourage the sale of healthy food and beverage options in community recreation facilities and local government buildings through on-site vending machines, concessions, cafeterias and snack bars.

World Health Organization

The directing and coordinating authority for health within he United Nations system.

On Social Marketing & Social Change
News & Views on Social Marketing & Social Change

Mumur is an archival audio project that collects and curates stories set in specific Toronto locations, told by Torontonians themselves.

Canadian Public Health Association: Report on Health Literacy
A Vision for a Health Literate Canada

An expert panel report on health literacy in Canada.


Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute (CFLRI)