Community Based Awareness

The most successful projects tap deeply into community needs and resources, and involve making improvements that will benefit the entire community.

Such an approach will ensure that materials and communications programs about physical activity are tailored to meet the requirements of specific communities and the life circumstances of the people who live in those communities. In particular, it will provide help to meet the needs of vulnerable populations and inactive adults aged 35-54.

Currently 51% of British Columbians are considered to be inactive. Building active lifestyles and improving the health of British Columbians requires increasing the awareness about physical activity benefits and opportunities at the local level.

Sustainable change requires communities to mobilize and assess both the opportunities and the barriers for physical activity.

Generating greater awareness of physical activity benefits and opportunities
Community Based Awareness provided communities with a direct, community-based, call-to-action approach to healthier living and more active lifestyles.

Building on provincial and national awareness campaigns at the local level
ActNow BC
Active Communities (BCRPA)

Community Based Awareness was a joint initiative between the BC Recreation & Parks Association and the Heart & Stroke Foundation of BC & the Yukon.

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