Winter planning and design - creating communities that are hospitable in winter and strategies for keeping people winterâ„¢ active.

*Norman Pressman articles re-printed with permission form the Winter Cities Institute

Additional Assessments & Checklists

Assessments and checklists are useful when assessing the walkability or bikability of your community:

  1. Community Assessment Tool - National Center for Bicycling & Walking
  2. Active Neighbourhood Checklist - Saint Louis University
  3. Promote Sustainable Transportation Through Site Design - Canadian Institute for Transportation Engineers
  4. Communities in Motion - Federation of Canadian Municipalities
  5. Community Cycling Manual - Canadian Institute of Planners

Foundation Papers

Go For Green: Discussion Paper
Fitting Places: How the Built Environment Affects Active Living and Active Transportation

Go For Green: Fact Sheets
Making the Case for Active Transportation

Provincial Health Services Authority
Creating a Healthier Built Environment in BC

Foundations for a Healthier Built Environment

Smart Growth BC: Discussion Paper
Promoting Public Health Through Smart Growth